Fractured vertebrae

There are different types of fractures:

A severe accident that displaces the vertebrae and compresses the nerves. The spine is operated on from behind, the nerves are liberated and the zone is stabilized with screws and bars.

fractures caused by bone fragility due to osteoporosis or to the evolution of a malignant disease. For these cases, two techniques can be used: Cementoplasty or Kyphoplasty.


Vertebral cementoplasty immediately reinforces the vertebra by injecting cement into the vertebral body. This technique is used on patients who have fragility caused by a compression of the vertebrae either due to osteoporosis or following vertebral metastasis. Pain linked to bone fragility is reduced. The operation is done through the skin using x-ray guidance. The cement solidifies immediately, and the analgesic and mechanical results are instant.


Used when there is a recent and serious anterior compression of the vertebral body. The procedure consists of inserting a small balloon attached to a probe into the vertebral body using x-ray guidance. The balloon is inflated, which allows the vertebra to regain its original shape. The balloon is then deflated and the newly created space is filled with cement. Here there is also an instant analgesic and mechanical result.