Gonarthrose et prothèse du genou

Partial knee replacement

This surgery is much more limited than a total knee replacement as it only focuses on replacing the damaged part of the knee, generally internal. We insert two medal parts, one on the femur and one on the shinbone and a polyethylene pad in between.

Post-surgery recovery and hospitalization are much faster than a total knee replacement. However, this surgery is only possible if the arthritis is located in one specific area of the knee. 
If the injury also involves the rotula it is recommended to do a total knee replacement.

Total knee replacement

A lot of pain, tightness and blockage will happen when most of the joint cartilage is damaged. This comes from either the joint aging or be the result of a previous fracture. This is when the entire knee joint must be replaced. The three main component of the joint, tibia, femur and rotula are covered by an implant.

Operating suites

This surgery shows great results but recovery time is much longer than a hip replacement as this joint is more superficial causing the knee to be swollen for a while. It takes about four to six month for full recovery and range of motion.