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Spine specialist


“Delivered with a critical scoliosis”: discover the last humanitarian operation of Dr. Samani in the hospital of Neuchatel

Dr. Jacques Samani received his medical education in France (former intern in various hospitals in Lyon, senior registrar and hospital assistant). He trained as an orthopedic surgeon and specialized in spine surgery, more specifically in adults’ and children’s spinal deformities (scoliosis).

He also invented numerous devices, such as the “COFLEX” (an inter-spinal shock absorber placed in between the vertebrae), which is now known worldwide.

He is a senior member of:

–      The  French Orthopedic Society.
–       The International Orthopedic Society.
–       The European Spinal Deformity Society.

He is currently working in Switzerland, but he also manages to spend time in Vietnam for humanitarian work.


– Since January 2011, Dr. Samani has held the orthopedic surgical equivalent of the Swiss health care ministry.

– Currently working at the Providence Hospital and at Montbriant Clinic located in La Chaux de Fonds.

These establishments are equipped with excellent medical care and very modern operating theatres.


Dr. Samani performs many types of surgery on the knee, the hip and the spine.

– He worked in various private clinics in Verona, Monza, Pescara,  Florence, Bari, Lecce and stopped his activity in  2015.